There are many types of poultry farming methods where one can earn a decent living from that. Embarking on poultry farming there are many people that have tried that venture and hence this is the kind of article that will talk more about poultry.

 What is poultry Farming?

It can be defined as the upkeep and maintenance of domestic birds. They are many birds that one can chose to domestic, they include chicken (which is the most reared of the birds), turkey, ducks and even geese.

People are now keeping the poultry of financial gain and this is quite a thoughtful venture. This is because with poultry farming in Kenya there is production of meat and eggs and some give out manure as the byproducts.

If you are thinking of poultry there are some of the factors that you need to consider. Are you going to venture into the egg production (Layers breeding) or the meat production (Broilers breeding)? This is essential as there are options when it comes to buying the genetic modified chicks that take at most 18-25 weeks to fully mature.

When you want to deal with the genetic modified chicks, there are equipments that one has to look out for these are the poultry equipment and appliances.

The following equipment may be needed for your poultry farm; Feeders, lighting system, Waste disposal system ,Incubator.

 Why is Poultry the way forward?

The reason this kind of venture can be very promising is that it does not require much capital to start. This is one of the major pros that can be associated with it. One just requires the basics like a place of a chicken to live and small amounts of food.

The space that one requires for the chicks is not as big as any other kind of domestic animal.

The other thing is that one can be guaranteed that they are huge returns as the chicken can lay eggs that can be incubated to turn in to chicks. The sound of that is amazing.

The duration at which the chicks are incubated to mature is very small and one can be amazed by the returns.

There is a difference as they are small scale farmers who like to start the poultry business in larger farmers. There are genetically modified broiler chicken that take a lesser time to mature.

Generally birds mature at a very high rate and they can bare a lot of benefits if they are looked after properly.

The other thing that makes the business have high potential is the market demand. People love meat and eggs and these are available from the poultry. It is easy to penetrate into the market niche and be able to fit in comfortably with the products. Hotels and other institutions use chicken meat, eggs, day to day even if not on a regular basis.

With poultry farming, there is little money that is used in care and maintenance. The only thing that one has to look out for is the fact that one can be bale to take good care of the birds and maintain proper hygiene. This makes the cost generally less as compared to the rest of the domestic animals.

Poultry products are very convenient as they do not go bad, an example is eggs. The cost is not very expensive and this is one of the best things that one can be able to take care of and hence take the business on a high level. The fact that the nutrition levels is recommended for use is also a plus with the poultry farming.

poultry farmingWith the increased awareness on the health implications of red meat; there’s an increased demand for white meat and birds are a source of white meat.  This is one of the reasons why one should get a glimpse and start this kind of business. There are a few short comings that can be associated with the upkeep.