We have witness people becoming millionaires to billionaires by poultry farming in Kenya. Most poultry farmers in Kenya rear chicken for eggs and meat. Other types of domestic birds are reared by few farmers and not for commercial use. The consumption of eggs is always high than that of chicken meat. The biggest market for this is in schools and homes then hotels. When it comes to meat, hotels take them all.
Poultry farming in Kenya is done for local market and international. There are people who use keep chickens to avoid using money while buying. This is for small scale farmers. They as well sale few trays to the local shops. When you look at the large scale poultry farming, this is an industry where they are focusing on the large hotels and companies and also exporting.
Poultry farming doesn’t have to start on high. Look at the large scale farmers like Muguku. He started from few and the number multiplied. He is now on of the billionaires’ not by being in real estate or cattle keeping but poultry. There are others who are coming up and their meat and eggs are already hitting in the market.

There are two methods of poultry just like in farming. Organic and inorganic. In Kenya both methods are used. This has resulted to a competition between the two types of farmers. Mostly there are those companies which are not accepting inorganic meat and eggs.  While others do not mind whichever you may take to them. This is also done in homes. When doing shopping, many of the people who are embracing health eating lifestyle are rejecting inorganic food. This has resulted to a drop in consumption though not greatly.Poultry farming in Kenya is mostly done in the warm areas such as Nakuru. This is because the weather is more favorable than in many other parts. This has made many poultry farmers do their farming in those side. This is because chickens do not do very well in cold places. This will require lot of money especially for the beginners who want to get in the market immediately.
Hindrances in this market have not been consumers. What is affecting farmers is the cost of feeds and chemicals which they use to layer the chicken. The price of a chick has also gone up thereby hindering some people from buying more.
The starting capital has also affected the market. This is because some parts of this country experience an all time cold season which can result of a great loss. Anyone who has this fear cannot start it.
Luck falls on the people who can afford to pay the electricity bills. This is because they will use it to warm the chicks when they are growing.
Disease outbreak is another case though it is very rare in the country. It has not been heard fro long and hopes the situation will remain the same.
The greatest advantage that this adds into the country is that we don’t have to import chicken products because we have it. The market should be enlarges so that everyone can get at least one egg per day.
This can be done in the warm regions where farmer believe in livestock keeping. Let them be taught the important of keeping chicken and how they can affect their lives.