It took a long time for me to realise that free range chicken farming is actually what we call Kienyeji chicken farming. Ever since Kenchick introduced the broiler to our kitchen table, a lot of farmers abandoned Kienyeji and went straight into broiler farming.

However, with the advent of a health conscious market place and the unreasonable expenses that go with caged poultry farming, its about time farmers adopted uncaged poultry practices. So if one is trying to become a poultry billionaire, why even consider free-range livestock?


Reduced Costs of Production

There is not one poultry farmer who has not had to go through the torment of broilers feeding past their sell by date. I remember a time when my broilers were some 8 weeks and I had no market. Each day I had to worry about chicken feed which I could not afford.

You see, these little chicks have a habit of eating especially when you have no money. Add the cost of broiler finisher feed and you are looking at disaster for most farmers. In fact, there is a live poultry market such as City Market which specialises in taking advantage of a farmer who can sell their birds. This is especially true when these birds are raised for meat.

The good news is that “cage-free” hens are in theory more economical than battery-caged birds. In fact, the Kenya Agriculture Research Institute (KARI). Forget about Kenbro which many are complaining about. These KARI “organic” hens are economical and profitable.