The success story of Eden Farm in Limuru, from 3 cows to making 1 million in a month. The story of an IT professional Mr. Kanja

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When an advert appeared on the Daily Nation in October 2011 for dairy cows selling at not less than 140,000 shillings, no one could have imagined that the one behind this dairy farming success story of Eden Farm, Limuru, was a 26-year-old IT graduate. Yes, at such a young age, Mr. Douglas Kanja had managed to develop his passion into a lucrative business that earns him an average of 1 Million shillings a month, all the time maintaining a fulltime job. While Eden farm thrives in Limuru, Mr. Kanja works in an IT in Nairobi, more than 30 kilometres away.

So how did Eden Farm come to be?

Dairy farming is something that is more of a passion for Mr. Kanja than a business. IT is his job but farming is what he loves. He started pursuing his passion in the year 2008. He visited KARI offices in Naivasha to…

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