The thing that makes the business have high potential is the market demand. People love meat and eggs and these are available from the poultry. It is easy to penetrate into the market niche and be able to fit in comfortably with the products. Hotels and other institutions use chicken meat, eggs, day to day even if not on a regular basis.

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There are many types of poultry farming methods where one can earn a decent living from that. Embarking on poultry farming there are many people that have tried that venture and hence this is the kind of article that will talk more about poultry.

 What is poultry Farming?

It can be defined as the upkeep and maintenance of domestic birds. They are many birds that one can chose to domestic, they include chicken (which is the most reared of the birds), turkey, ducks and even geese.

People are now keeping the poultry of financial gain and this is quite a thoughtful venture. This is because with poultry farming in Kenya there is production of meat and eggs and some give out manure as the byproducts.

If you are thinking of poultry there are some of the factors that you need to consider. Are you going to venture into the egg…

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